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What is the warranty on Bbk kitchen doors products?

All products supplied by Bbk kitchen doors are covered by the manufactures 5 years warranty. If the product is damaged from using cleaning products not recommended by the manufacture or exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures by being fitted incorrectly and too close to heat sources. The Manufacturer’s warranty will be void and the products will not be replaced. This also includes Accidents and misuse of products. The warranty on our products includes replacement of goods and does not include labour cost.

General maintenance of our products

We recommend all doors are cleaned easily with a soft damp cloth, if a stain was to appear we recommend soapy water followed by a dry soft cloth to prevent streaks. Abrasive cleaners can prematurely wear away the surface of the doors. Never use strong alkaline, acidic cleaners as these will damage the surface of the door.

Can I have a sample colour?

Bbk kitchen doors can supply sample colours if available, alternatively these may be on display within our showroom and can be viewed during opening times.

What are the doors made out of and what is the quality?

All Bbk kitchen doors products are 18mm vinyl wrapped MDF. Mdf is the premium grade heavy duty designed to not warp or bow. This is particularly important on the large doors. The quality of the MDF is consistent through its thickness and therefore will allow deep routered designs. The vinyl wrap is known as pressure Vinyl and is usually 0.3mm and 0.5mm thick.

How durable are vinyl wrapped doors?

All of the products supplied by Bbk kitchen doors are made to withstand the environment within a kitchen whilst also being suitable for other rooms. The beauty of the construction is the MDF doesn’t ever warp and is designed so it doesn’t stain or discolour. The product can be cleaned with most proprietary non-abrasive kitchen cleaners. Please see General Maintenance of our products for further guidance.

What should I do if a product arrives damaged?

All products supplied by Bbk kitchen doors are inspected prior to dispatch from our warehouse. They are securely packed and are highly unlikely to arrive damaged. However in the unlikely event this is to happen we will take full responsibility and replace the damaged product. Delivery must be accepted and the product effected will be replaced at the soonest convenience. If the damage is caused during installation by Bbk kitchen doors we will also replace the product. If the product is collected and delivered to you by any other company other than Bbk kitchen doors we accept no responsibility for damage caused to the goods or damage caused during installation. If this does happen we can supply replacements at the usual cost.

Can I return the goods if I am not satisfied with the goods?

Please be aware all door are made to order and cannot be returned and the order cannot be cancelled. We endeavour to ensure all our customers are happy with the products they are ordering before manufacturing begins. Once the goods are made and supplied to our customers we cannot accept returned goods unless faulty by manufacturer’s default or damage caused by bbk kitchen doors.

Can I pick up from the factory?

Yes you can pick up from the factory but you must make prior arrangements


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